My heart was heavy yesterday as I learned about the death of Rebecca Brownlee, a beautiful girl from my home town in Ohio. Two nights ago, her car flipped, taking her life. She was not a close friend, hardly an acquaintance. But I have vivid memories of her in Spanish class: she had a smile that radiated, a look that glowed. But more than any connection I had, my heart was heavy for her close friends and family. My facebook overflowed with the thoughts and prayers of all these people, most of which were asking "why?"

Death. It's the one thing that's inevitable. It's the thing that makes people question the purpose of life. It makes us spend time truly contemplating why we're here. Death hurts. Whether someone believes in God or not, losing someone just plain hurts. There is emptiness without them and I believe the more we experience this, the more we realize this world cannot be all there is.
Last Sunday, Pastor Rick Dake gave a sermon entitled, "Why Jesus?" and I've been thinking about it ever since. He pointed out that we are so willing to talk about why we love certain restaurants, certain sports teams, etc. We are so quick to be an advertisement for these things, sharing why the food is amazing or why a specific team is best. We know all the reasons. Then he posed the question: "But why Jesus? What do you tell people when they ask you that?" It's often harder for us to express the answer to this question, or sometimes we say it's too "personal." I admit that I've fallen victim to these excuses.

Why Jesus? I've known him and followed him for quite some time, but this question still made me contemplate my true intentions. Why Jesus? Then I hear about the death of Rebecca Brownlee, and my heart is heavy. I am reminded that there is so much brokenness in this world. So, why Jesus?

 I will respond to this question in my next blog. Until then, I'd encourage you to answer this question for yourself.
-Contemplate why we are truly here at this exact moment and time.
-Consider who Jesus is and what that means for your life.
-If you follow Jesus, why? Do you know? Do you understand?
-When the inevitable happens (death), where is or what is your hope? Do you have any? Why?

This week I finished the book of John. Read through it and consider what it means to follow Jesus. Why Jesus?