Simpson Park Camp
I have left you hanging for awhile. Maybe you're still wondering the answer to my question: Why Jesus? Wait no further...

Why Jesus? What is it about Him that captures me so?

-I believe Jesus made Himself known to me at a young age. No matter what I filled my life with, no matter the popular friends I hung around with, the boy I liked, the image I sought after, the race I trained for, NOTHING quenched my thirst like my dear Jesus. There was a moment at the end of my senior year of high school, after chasing so many empty things, when it was as if God said: Are you done yet? Do you finally believe that nothing else will satisfy? I remember vividly crying out (literally), my heart screaming YES!!!! I get it, Jesus, I get it. 

-So, not only did Jesus make Himself known to me, He captured my heart at a young age. He desired me before I desired Him. And MORE than I desired Him. I would get a taste of his love and knowledge and become SO hungry for more.

_Why Jesus? His truth NEVER fails. He is truth. In this world of confusion and false wisdom, His truth is always absolute, always right, always the better way. I find myself craving His truth in this confusing and broken world.

-NOTHING compares to my Jesus. Not one thing. Not status. Not marriage. Not family. Not wealth. Not success. In fact, two nights ago Duncan and I were at Simpson Park Camp for the fall retreat. Late at night we sat on top of a hill looking over the camp. The full moon made everything light up. We sat there in awe of God, of his direction, of his blessings, but most of all we sat there in awe of WHO He is. Jesus satisifies and quenches every thirst. We both said that He satisfies better than marriage does, better than we as husband and wife could EVER do. That is a powerful statement. But it's true: Not even my incredible husband can compare to my first love: Jesus.

-Through Jesus, I see. There's a quote that goes something like this: I believe in God like I believe in the sun. Though I cannot see it, I can see everything else BECAUSE of it.

-Regardless of how I'm feeling, what I'm thinking, or what I'm doing, He NEVER changes. His thoughts don't change, His feelings don't. Though I wake up every day with different emotions, my God is steadfast. This means that the same things he felt toward David, Moses, Paul, He feels toward me today. He cannot change. Praise God that He isn't an emotional roller coaster like I am.

-Why Jesus? Because HE is the LIVING, TRUE, & LOVING GOD. He is not a mere thought or story created by humans. And this, He has proven.

At the Simpson Park Retreat, Brad Moss preached on Psalms 34:8. "Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him." Essentially, he dared the teens to "taste and see." He promised that they would not be disappointed. Friends, I can tell you that I have tasted and seen that THE. LORD. IS. GOOD.

Taste and See for yourself...I dare you.

10/1/2012 11:42:12

Precious....and TRUE!

10/1/2012 12:14:41

Really needed to hear this today! It's totally beautiful, thanks for sharing your heart. :)

10/8/2012 05:00:19

This is so Powerful and moving. Thank you for the light you reveal with Gods help everyday. Love you!!


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